For informaton on Arnold Hodgkins and his works of art including acquisition of works of art, contact the family of Arnold Hodgkins by leaving a detailed message at 1.905.982.1852.


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  1. Robert A. Ritchie Says:

    I am very pleased to see a website for Arnold Hodgkins’ paintings. We have had one of Mr. Hodgkins’ paintings (date 1953) in our various homes for as long as I can remember and it has been passed on to me after my parents both died in 2010. I purchased another painting (date 1964) at auction a few years ago and it hangs right above my desk — a beautiful old tree in front of the old “Blacksmith Shop”, now gone but once found south of Leaskdale. I look forward to attending the upcoming Show & Sale in October

  2. lynne Says:

    i have a painting called water lilies “cross lake” and was inquiring about some more information. it is beautiful

  3. Brent Hoag Says:

    I inherited a beautiful Arnold Hodgkins 1960 painting (“Mirror on the Madawaska”)from my parents. I would like to establish its’ approx value before I decide to sell via auction. Just out of interest I was with my mother and artist aunt from Toronto when I met Mr. Hodgkins at his studio and my parents purchased the painting in 1960.

    • Brent:
      Did you find out information/value about your painting be Mr. Hodgkins? I have six of his works — one has been in my family since the 1950s, three I purchased directly from his family, and two I have purchased at auction.
      Sincerely, Robert Ritchie

  4. Hello Carol. My name is Rob Alexander. I’m a journalist and historian based in Canmore, AB and I believe your father served under my grandfather in Italy during the Second World War. We have three sketches that your father gave to my grandfather, including one of my grandfather attending a soldier at his Regimental Aid Post. I’ve been posting my grandfather’s Second World War journals online at and I believe there is a reference to your father in the Oct. 6, 1943 post. I have also shared one of the sketches, of three graves of members of the Calgary Tanks in that post as well. I’m curious to know if you happen to have more sketches of medical personnel in Italy in the fall of 1943? Cheers, Rob.

    • Author Says:


      I moderate this site for Carol. I will send her your note and have her respond directly to you.

      • Carol Hodgkins-Smith Says:

        Hello Rob,
        Sorry I have been so long in answering. I do have 100 wartime sketches and 11 paintings and I remember Dad
        speaking very fondly of Doc Alexander. I will look through
        them and get back to you.
        Carol Hodgkins-Smith

  5. Thank you Carol! That’s wonderful. I’m looking forward to it.

    Your father is mentioned in today’s (Oct. 21) journal entry:

    “Sgt. Hodgkins, my section Sgt. and a painter from Toronto, or rather an artist – sketched Bruce Trotter and Curly Lynch’s graves – then in Motta, or rather the approach to Motta he sketched out jeep with Slim and I on the winding road, with Motta sitting on its high hill in the background. We then went to on to Volutrara and he sketched St. Marcos (San Marco) in the distance, this is the battlefield over which we fought early in October, when we had so many casualties.”

  6. Carol Hodgkins-Smith Says:

    Hello Rob,
    My Father also kept journals during the War. Unfortunately we only have numbers 16 through 19. Many entries about Doc Alexander, Slim (Ivor Hooker – lifelong friend), Knuckles, Cpl. Naylor, Ralph, Curly, Carter, Captain
    (Padre) Smith, Fred Ware, Greg Scott … I have a total of 18
    sketches and 7 paintings from 1943. However the only actual
    portraits he sketched were done in England in 1944 – 3 soldiers and 4 nurses. Dad’s #16 is from December ’43. They
    stayed for some time near the Moro River at Papa Giovanni
    and wife Teresa’s home. Their kitchen was turned into an
    emergency room and I have a sketch of (I think Doc) treating
    a wounded soldier there with other medics around (I think Dad
    and Slim), showing Teresa tending the fireplace in the background. (From Dad’s notes) it was a busy time (evening of Dec. 9th and morning of Dec. 10th) for the medics. “Some jobs we perhaps did well. Other things some of us regretted we could not have handled more effectively. For the commendable details of the night’s work Doc gave full credit
    – for our shortcomings Doc gave us blazes. All of which adds
    up to a good balance. We like it that way.” If you have any
    other questions please let me know. If you happen to be in
    the Toronto area and would like to see his work, please call
    me at 905-982-1852.
    Carol Hodgkins-Smith

  7. Robert Ritchie Says:

    My (late) uncle, Ron Scott, also served in Italy, and may have known Arnold Hodgkins; I’m not sure. Ron did visit Deerfoot (1953-1954) and purchased a painting (I still have it) for my (late) mother’s birthday. My uncle was an architect and an amateur painter/artist and may have been friends with your father before, during and after the war.
    Sometime I might get a chance to read the letters that my uncle sent home from the war to my mother and their mother.
    Wonderful connections?!
    I have now a total of 6 of your father’s paintings.

  8. Robert A. Ritchie Says:

    A beautiful painting, done in 1953, and titled “Storm Break, Cap a L’aigle”, just sold last week at a Waddington’s Online Auction, for $1,050.

  9. Peter Hill Says:

    Hello Carol.
    I read your note of October 25 2013 and I am pleased to say that I have your father’s notebook #5 written from Wednesday, 28 April, to Monday, May 3, 1943! On page 37 there is a statement, “The best experiences I shall remember always, in thinking of Britain, are those which centre around three genuine friends in York, Salisbury, Brighton and Worthing. It is with these people … that I have left my best efforts of sojourn in this strange and fascinating little island.”
    My wife and I are both in our seventies now and we are de-cluttering. In going through my late mother’s things, I came across your father’s diary #5 along with a little note addressed to”Arnold & family.” It is from one Audrey Arbrey (sp?) or it might be from two people, the writing is difficult to read. Their note reads, in part, “Dear Arnold, Do hope you will get this and so meet our dear friends, Mr & Mrs Fatherly from Salisbury who say they will try to find you, if not they will post this to you. … We both send our love to you and your family & would like to hear from you again.”
    Carol, we live in Hamilton and we’d like to deliver this keepsake and so keep the promise made. The Fatherly’s referred to were my aunt and uncle who visited us here in Canada some time in the late 1960s. I cannot remember precisely, unfortunately.
    The diary contains a couple of pencil sketches, one of a chap named “Kel” and another of a plane going down after having been shot.
    Another interesting thing is that he had fond memories of living in Camden, a very tiny village near Hamilton and it so happens that my wife was assigned to a teaching assignment there back in the 1950s and had to board there since transportation wasn’t as well developed then as it is now. Small world!!
    My email address is and I would very much appreciate you contacting me. I’d love to met you and chat. It so happens that we are contemplating a short holiday trip to visit friends in Orillia and in Sharbot Lake and Campbellford so a visit to you if you live in Leaskdale would be easy to accommodate.
    Peter Hill

  10. Ian Easterbrook Says:

    Hi Carol

    I am researching an artist, Miss Marian Fax, from the Leaksdale area, from 1940 – ca.1972, and hoping to make contact with her. I wonder if you recognize that name as a student of Arnold Hodgkins?

    Yours most sincerely

    Ian Easterbrook
    Fergus ON

  11. Niels Says:

    Hi Carol,

    I am from The Netherlands and my family has a large sketch of a square in Belgium with people celebrating their liberation, made by your father in 1944.

    He was stationed in my great grandfathers house during the war and he even incorporated the faces of their family into the sketch. He left the sketch with them as a present after he left.

    I was wondering if you have more information about the time he stayed there. If you are interested, I can also send a photo of the sketch.


  12. Carol Hodgkins-Smith Says:

    Hello Niels
    I would love to see a photo of your sketch. I went searching through Dad’s War journals but we only have six of them and I believe there were at least 20 of them originally. I remember Dad often telling us that he was lucky enough to be stationed at your great grandfather’s house. Everyone was so friendly, kind and welcoming. In particular he mentioned Toosje – such a sweet girl. I do have two photos, one of Dad and Toosje and one of her alone. If you would like copies just give me your address and I will send them. My email address is
    Other than that I’m sorry to say I have no other information on that period of time.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Carol Hodgkins-Smith

  13. Hello I have a 201/2 x 24 inch painting of Arnold hodgekins from 1964 oil on canvas it’s called a tree remembered my phone number is 613-396-3387 looking to sell it but have no idea approx. it would be worth, and just wanted to know if you could give me somewhere to start,you also have my e-mail address hoping to hear from you thank you.

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